Dragon Ball Z – A Good & Bad Show {Read With Caution}

Ok, so I know I’m going to get a lot of crap for doing this but… meh. I’m going to do it anyways. In this post, I’m going to tell you why I dislike Dragon Ball Z but also love the show at the same time.

So let’s jump straight into this post…

What I love

The Epic Power ups

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When Goku or any character had a new transformation and powered up, it was the greatest feeling ever. As kids, we went nuts over it and joined in. This is something that I’ll never forget about the series.
In the Dragon Ball series, power ups went on to inspire so many other anime to do the same. Overall, these transformations added a different dimension to the entire anime industry.

Fights on a Massive Scale

7923b goku2band2bvegeta Dragon Ball Z - A Good & Bad Show {Read With Caution}
So the fights in the Z series were like no other anime. Battling it out on different planets and destroying them in the process because of the huge power scale of the characters.
Every time the Z fighters clashed with enemies, they leveled entire landscapes. You could be on Earth, on a foreign planet or in the depths of space, a fight would always break out and we loved it.


Episodes Dragging on

89ac1 bored Dragon Ball Z - A Good & Bad Show {Read With Caution}
What is felt like at times when watching the series
This was my biggest problem with the series…
The entire series felt like someone would throw a punch and that was the end of that episode. In the next episode, someone would power up and that was the end of that episode. This was my biggest negative in the series and it really turned me off.
I remember watching episodes online and just kept skipping through so many. When an anime fan is doing that, you know there’s something seriously wrong. Dragon Ball Z could have taken only half the episodes to portray the stuff it wanted to.
And that would have made the series much better. I would much rather have much leaner episodes even though I would’ve gotten fewer episodes. Give me the good stuff instead of the nasty fat.
Sometimes it felt like the creators were just trying to milk the series.

Just Waiting for Goku to Turn up All the Damn Time!

2ba9b goku Dragon Ball Z - A Good & Bad Show {Read With Caution}
Every big enemy would be fought by Goku and I’m Ok with that. I mean, what did you expect? Goku is the main character after all.
It always felt like everyone was stalling for time and waiting for Goku to turn up. Sure you had Vegeta to fight the big bad villains but he just made everything worse.
Vegeta would mess things up big time like he did in the Cell arc. Instead of defeating Cell, he made him stronger and got his little ass wooped. Well that’s where pride gets you.


Dragon Ball Z and the series, in general, is a mixed bag. There’s good and bad but I felt like this series had too many massive faults. I think the episodes dragging on was what really killed this series for me.
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