A Set of Promotional Videos for Upcoming Chinese Anime in 2019 were Unveiled

A certain user from Reddit who goes by the name @500scnds posted several promotional videos for upcoming Chinese anime shows which were slated for released on 2019.

Adorable Food Goddess
Adorable Food Goddess


The Legend of Qin

Among these shows were is the highly anticipated return of Qin’s Moon (The Legend of Qin) for its 6th season. The opening theme for The Legend of Qin VI had been unveiled, a prologue were also posted featuring the first six (6) minute of the pilot episode.


Hen Xi You 

Meanwhile, the opening theme for the 2nd season of Hen Xi You had been posted. It gives us a glimpse to Vasoon Animation’ action-supernatural-fantasy original net animation (ONA) called Hen Xi You and it looks pretty catchy and intriguing which first aired on June 2016.


Song of Time – Rhapsody of Flowers and Flames

The Song series also had a scheduled anime adaptation with Song of Time – Rhapsody of Flowers and Flames as its first installment. The short promotional video for the anime isn’t anything special or revealed any important information rather than giving us glimpse to a literal teaser.


There’s a Pit in my Senior Martial Brother’s Brain

A PV for the second season of There’s a Pit in my Senior Martial Brother’s Brain had been revealed. The first season of the anime had premiered on April 2018 for a 26-episode run.


Rakshasa Street Season 2 

Rakshasa Street Season 2 will return on December 28, 2019. Two sets of promotional video for the rumored second season of Rakshasa Street were also posted as follows:



Adorable Food Goddess

The Adorable Food Goddess anime also unveiled its 2nd promotional video despite of being not clear on when it will officially premiere.



God is a Liar

And finally, the PV for God is a Liar anime were released featuring a rather flashy action scenes and interesting characters line-up.


Therefore, I would like to ask which upcoming Chinese anime on 2019 are you excited to see?

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