Providence at Dawn Anime Adaptation First Promo Video Unveiled

Providence at Dawn Chinese anime

The promotional video for the upcoming Chinese anime Providence at Dawn had been unveiled featuring a shots of some image stills and a preview of its character designs.

The anime is based on the action-mecha light novel series which also inspired a manhua of the same title. Although, the premiere date hasn’t revealed yet. It’s quite exciting and interesting that fans have a new Chinese anime to look forward too before the year ends or possibly next year which is going to be a competitive year for Chinese anime giants are coming back on 2019.

[TW] Providence at dawn PV from r/Donghua


Providence at Dawn Synopsis

This world, has been destroyed once before. During 2060, A huge meteor crushed on the center of the North Pole. Causing a global disasters, but, it also brings opportunities for evolution, “The Crystal From Other Side” Humans home, soar in the sky. Refuges filled with hatred, as the sky filled with endless crusade. Number 85 District the Largest Fortress, slowly repelling the attacks from terrorists in the shadows. Lu the new pilot who joined FD at the right time. The “Original Impact of Doomsday” symbolizes the beginning of a new world. This is the best and the most beautiful time in the history- Until his appearance…

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