PRESS RELEASE: Lezhin Comics Announces the 4th World Comic Contest

Lezhin Comics - Korea

Contest Allows Creators to Share Stories Around the World

Seoul, South Korea: Lezhin Comics, South Korea’s largest paid digital content publisher announces the opening of the 4th World Comic Contest. The contest is open to both professional and aspiring creators with the submission period being November 2, 2018 – February 11, 2019. The grand prize is $50,000, with second place receiving $10,000. Third prize consists of $5,000 and will be given to eight applicants. Winners will be announced March 22, 2019.
The submitted comics will be shown to the world on the Lezhin Comics platform. This will give each creator a chance to show their artistry to the world-at-large and gain a previously unprecedented level of exposure. They will be judged based on originality, completeness, and entertainment value. All submissions must be in either English, Korean, or Japanese.
Of the upcoming contest, Eunice Lee, representative from Lezhin, had this to say:
“At Lezhin Comics, we consider the relationships with our creators to be a very important part of our business. We are proud to host a contest that gives other creators out there a chance at being seen and appreciated for their work. There are many brilliant creators that may not have the opportunity to have their works seen, so we feel it’s important to do contests like this one and give those people a chance to shine.”
Lezhin Comics
The past three World Comic Contests have been a tremendous success for creators, Lezhin, and the comic industry as a whole. Anyone can enter the contest, and there is no limit to the submissions a person can make. All genres will be allowed, including mature content, as long as the creator is over the age of majority. All episodes must be in scroll format and have at least two episodes to be reviewed. Creative teams are allowed and will be credited as a team. To submit, a creator must complete a submission form as well as send in their content. The submission form, and a full list of contest rules, can be found at:
The 4th World Comic Contest is aimed at helping creators in the following ways:
  • Allow them to share their stories with a worldwide audience
  • Give unknown creators a chance to be seen
  • Give a monetary prize to winners, which will help them as they continue their artistic journey


Lezhin Comics: 4th World Comic Contest Winners

[UPDATE] The winners of Lezhin 4th Comics Contest had been revealed on their website are as follows:

  • Man up, Girl! by jeon hoyun (2nd place)
  • Arcana Fantasy by Yoohee, Poem (3rd place)
  • My Housemate by snob (3rd place)
  • Mushroom Soup by BUBAL (3rd place)
  • 49 Days by EP (3rd place)
  • Teach Me! by Newra (3rd place)
  • Sang Sang Dang Oriental Medicine Clinic by Seo Young-ae (3rd place)
  • Save Me, Roommate! by gocoa (3rd place)
For full details about the winners including the prizes, and the plot summary by each comics, here’s the link to Lezhin’s official site:


Lezhin Entertainment: Founded in 2012 by Han Hee Sung, Lezhin Entertainment is the largest paid online comic platform in South Korea. Lezhin publishes comics primarily in Korean, Japanese, and English. Some of their most popular titles include “Killing Stalking,” “The Lady and Her Butler,” “Sign,” and “He Does a Body Good.”

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