[Concept Trailer] Magical Legend: Rise to Immortality Season 3 Revealed

Magical Legend Rise to Immortality 3

Magical Legend: Rise to Immortality is coming back for its third season on summer of 2019 and a new promotional video for the Chinese anime had been revealed. The video is the concept trailer for Magical Legend: Rise to Immortality Season 3 giving us a hint of possible plot to expect.

The concept trailer shows the main character battling against an insurmountable force and his appearance and aura actually reminded me of Xiao Yan from Battle through the Heavens. Magical Legend: Rise to Immortality Season 3 is originally scheduled for release this 2018 but moved next year due to delay in post-production. Nonetheless, it’s going to be an exciting ride especially if you had enjoyed the first two seasons of the Chinese anime. Magical Legend: Rise to Immortality Season 3 is scheduled to have 26 episodes in total.

Synopsis: Qingcheng Mountain was destroyed, and Xuanmen suffered a great disaster. Qingcheng teaches cold frost and condenses Gu Qingyu altar, Meng Xingxiangzi pointing, finds the reincarnation of Zhu Dian to go to Kunlun to resist the Magic Road army. The magical powers are in the air, and the hidden feelings are confusing. When the two climbed to Kunlun, the black hand plots behind the scenes…


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