Popular Chinese Web-novel ‘Release That Witch’ Revealed its Animated Trailer

Release that Witch Anime

Magical spells and witchcraft, medieval wars of kingdom and churches, a quest to build a kingdom and surprising interaction of fantasy, mystery, science, and realism – these are only few tricks presented by the hit Chinese web novel Release that Witch.

Being one of the most popular and successful Chinese web novel, Release that Witch deviate from the standard norm and bring us to the magic flintlock genre as opposed to the cliche wuxia-inspired story which is considered as the backbone for majority of Chinese web novels.
Few months ago, readers and fans of the novel had been on fire as a promotional animated video for Release that Witch had been uploaded in the internet. Although there are differing reactions from the readers, especially with the visual arts of several characters; I believe that the animation is pretty decent. Actually it reminds me of The King’s Avatar, or maybe possibly, the same studio did the animation.

Release That Witch Anime Trailer

Nonetheless, no concrete news had been revealed yet whether Release the Witch is getting an anime adaptation yet. However, I could say that based on the uploaded trailer, the anime shall be a good one and may pave the way for the opportunity of many Chinese web novels to receive an anime adaptation as I seriously think that there are tons of pretty good stories out there.

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