BTTH: An Intro to the Snake Bloodline of the Magical Beast Realm

Battle through the Heavens - Queen Medusa
The most famous snake-people of the current era, Cai Lin / Queen Medusa
The action-adventure fantasy novel – Battle through the Heavens had been a great journey to follow because of its awesome story-telling, overpowered characters, mysteriously interesting world setting, and enormous character development. Nevertheless, one of the most alluring aspect of the novel is the world-setting, it introduced a new and truly mysterious universe. This awfully beautiful and ambiguously mysterious world had been magnified tremendously as the novel were adapted into manga, anime, and brought to life into a live-action drama called Fights Break Spheres later on called with the same title as the novel.
The astoundingly majestic realm of Battle through the Heavens is something that reminds me of Harry Potter universe, Tolkienian world, and those from Disney movies. However, Battle through the Heavens thrive in the cliche plot of a young hero who survived a lot of challenges to reach the peak and becomes someone great. In this light, BTTH’s main hero Xiao Yan could be compare with those characters from giant anime titles; to name a few were the likes of Naruto, Luffy, Son Goku, etc.
Battle through the Heavens have a mysteriously enchanting universe filled with interestingly beautiful regions, mystical creatures, and so many wonders of its world. Just like other fantasy story, the creatures of BTTH were astoundingly peculiar and terribly powerful. In its world, there’s the so called magical beasts, something we could compare with those mythical creatures from different legends in the real world’s literature.
BTTH Queen Medusa
In this post, I’ll give a short introductions to one of the most prominent race in the magical beast realm of BTTH. I am referring to the snake beasts, a creature that could place great amount of fear to the hearts of many. Personally, I have a phobia to snakes, thus, talking about these scaly creatures are quite awkward. Nonetheless, let’s talk about the most ferocious and widely fear races of snake beasts bloodline from BTTH and get familiar with them.


BTTH Heaven Swallowing Python
The race that sits atop the pyramid of the snake bloodline. A snake beast from the ancient times, whose strength generally stood in the top and among the strongest magical creatures from the primordial days.
In the current era of BTTH, the heaven-swallowing python were already extinct. Despite of its ferocious reputation and insurmountable strength, it’s bloodline were lost in the passage of time due to its small population. The only known existence in the current era of BTTH to have the bloodline of heaven-swallowing python is Cai Lin, popularly known as Queen Medusa. She first evolved into a seven-colored heaven swalloing python after successful breakthrough to Dou Zong class.
Later on, she evolved into a nine-colored heaven swallowing python after her lucky encounter with the remnant soul fragments of heaven swallowing python at the bottom of the nine-serene deep pool. Cai Lin eventually become a legendary nine-colored heaven swallowing python that could contend with powerful beasts such as the Ancient Heaven Phoenix & the Ancient Void Dragon.


BTTH Qing Lin
Qing Lin and her serpent
A fierce magical beast which is ferocious as the Heaven Swallowing Python. Although, it is quite inferior to the heaven swallowing python, it’s reputation is widely spread throughout the ancient times due to its large population and terrifying power. Just like the heaven swallowing python, the Ancient Heaven Serpent is also extinct in the modern era. However, it’s bloodline didn’t vanish as they were able to produced a descendants, the Nine-Serene Deep Ground Python.
In BTTH, the strongest type of this beast is the nine-headed ancient heaven serpent. The only known extend of such an existence in the current era is the soul fragment which had been tamed and refined by Qing Lin.


In the current era of BTTH, the nine serene deep ground python is one of the three largest tribe in the magical beast realm. Although, it could be said to be the weakest of the three (the other two were the Ancient Void Dragon and Heaven Demon Phoenix); they were feared of their large population and networks.


BTTh Snakemen
Snakemen generals
The race of people with snake-bloodline and physical appearance of human on its upper body and a python on its lower half. Queen Medusa is the leader of this race which had been feared by the people of Jia Ma Empire and its neighboring empires due to the fierce reputation of their queen. One special feature of snake-people is their allure on which they could seduce any human by their nefarious aura.
These are only some of the most prominent races within the snake-bloodline. So, lemme ask you, which one is your favorite and why? Please let us know of your thoughts by dropping a comment below. Some more discussions about the different characters from Battle through the Heavens novel shall be posted in the future. Don’t miss it!

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