Kyoto Animation Reveals the Cast and First Promo Video for its “Tsurune” TV Anime

5c1a3 tsurune debut trailer 1 Kyoto Animation Reveals the Cast and First Promo Video for its "Tsurune" TV Anime
A new sport anime is coming this fall and it promise to deliver an intense emotional ride that revolves around friendship, new beginnings, challenges, comradeship and parting ways. It will give us a beautiful and enticing experience as we hear the whooshing sound made from an archer’s bow as it launch the arrow into the air, elegantly delivering the arrow to its intended targeted spot. Yes, the feeling of excitement, anxiously thinking whether your arrow hit its target or not. These are only few stuffs that we could expect from the upcoming anime from Kyoto Animation titled, Tsurune – Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club.
If your thinking that it’s just another sport anime from Kyoto Animation, or a copy-cat of its previously famous anime “Free!” franchise, I have to tell you that it may be quite different at all. Yes, Tsurune is the newest anime project of Kyoto Animation, at first the design really looks life Free!; can’t the blame it since they’re from the same studio.
Tsurune is scheduled for released on fall, and its first promotional video had been released by KyoAni few days ago together with the voice cast for the main characters in the story.
Let’s all meet the five (5) main characters from Trusune anime as seen in the promo video above.
Minato Narumiyai (CV – Yuto Uemura)
Seiya Takehaya (CV – Aoi Ichikawa)
Ryohei Yamanouchi (CV – Ryota Suzuki)
Nanao Kisaragi (CV – Shogo Yano)
Kaito Onogi (CV – Kaito Ishikawa)

Tsurune’s Synopsis

The story follows main character Minato Narumiya and his fellow club-mates in their high school’s competitive Japanese Archery Club as they train and fight hand-in-hand to win the prefecture archery tournament.

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