Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal is Getting a Manga Series

Jose Rizal Manga Series
A manga series based from the life, works, and writings of the Philippine hero Jose P. Rizal has been scheduled for release today, June 19, 2018; which is Rizal’s birthday. This is the first time that a Japanese comics will pay homage to a Filipino figure and it does not simply happened to be the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal, who changed his country not by violence but his impeccable knowledge and hardwork.
Jose P. Rizal manga series will be release in Japanese as well as English, although rumors says that it will also get a Filipino version.
Jose P. Rizal Manga
The manga is written by Takahiro Matsui with artwork by Ryo Konno. It tells about the story of Rizal and his contribution to the Philippine society. The manga will be having three chapters with an estimated of 100 pages in general.
Jose Rizal manga first few pages shall be release online for free at in both English and Japanese, and at in Japanese language.

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