Mind Blowing Animation and Magical Experience from Violet Evergarden

An ecstasy for the eyes, that would be one of those terms or phrase that we could use to describe how magical and awesome is the animation in Violet Evergarden, all thanks to Kyoto Animation fascinating works.

Violet Evergarden Anime

Violet Evergarden, an ongoing series and one of the most interesting anime to watch from winter 2018 lineup. It is about a girl who’s only purpose is to be a weapon for war, raised as a ruthless military soldier and her journey on discovering her emotions by learning from other people as she work as an auto-memories doll.

Violet Evergarden Synopsis

“Auto-Memories Dolls” are mechanical dolls with the purpose of recording one’s speech and emotions. First created by Dr. Orlando to bring happiness to his wife, such dolls are now being loaned by companies after knowledge of his work became public. Soon after, a certain group started producing their own version of Auto-Memories Dolls—with the added functionality of being able to perform military operations. One of these dolls, Violet Evergarden, is a beautiful woman with golden hair and crystal-blue eyes. With her bewitching appearance, Violet quickly becomes the most popular doll, leaving all her clients delighted by her company.

As of now, there’s only one episode available and the anime community goes crazy on how magical and enthralling its visuals and animation are. Crafted by the awesome hands of Kyoto Animation’s key animators, Violet Evergarden could be a masterpiece in the making. The novels where it was based were actually pretty decent and guaranteed that the anime will among those tearjerker series that will melt the heart of its viewers.

Violet Evergarden
Nonetheless, aside from the intense drama that we could expect from the anime, viewers and critics alike will have to indulge in its awe-inspiring animation which brings us into an out of this world experience.
As proof of how magical and breathtaking the Violet Evergarden animation is, here are some jaw-dropping scenes from the anime’s pilot episode.

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