Formula to Make Someone Otaku?


When explaining anime to a none anime watcher, it can feel kinda useless. All they do is look at you with an expression that says “What the hell are you talking about?”
Make Someone Otaku
The face your friends give when you explain anime to them.
It almost feels impossible to get them to understand anime.
Anime isn’t something you can explain to your friends and they will suddenly like it. It’s useless trying to explain ridiculous power-ups, nose bleeds, L’s weird sweet addiction and awkward boob falls.
You have to show them anime, not tell them about it. But how do you actually do that when they refuse to give it a try?
Well there’s actually a step-by-step formula you can actually follow. An in-depth and easy guide for you to follow.

This video will show you how to convert your friends into anime fans.

So what did you think about the ultimate guide?

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