Strong Jūni Taisen Fighters that may Actually Win the War

Jūni Taisen Anime Usagi
There’s a new battle royale anime series that’s making some ruckus recently and it goes by the title of Jūni Taisen or literally, 12 Wars. The fall 2017 anime “Jūni Taisen: Zodiac War” had been dubbed as the “greatest battle royale novel ever” where a fierce battle between 12 fighters are about to ensue.
Now, we are the second week already since the Jūni Taisen: Zodiac War officially premiered on October 3, 2017. Two fighters had been brought down already and the way how this anime killed each characters may be peculiar and ironic.
Jūni Taisen Anime
First, who would ever expect that the character that everyone may thought to be the main character was eventually killed in the pilot episode. Yeah, that’s how twisted this anime is, they’ll introduced an anime character, let you know about their background story, their past, beliefs, and even how they plan to win the war and outwit the other fighters. Then boom, you’ll eventually see them dying in an unexpected way. This had been the stigma that many fans had been witnessing in the first two episodes of Jūni Taisen. The boar and dog warriors had been introduced, let us took a glimpse on their past and their way of fighting, then they’re killed right off the bat. Nonetheless, this post is intended to give highlight some characters from Jūni Taisen that have the potential to win the zodiac war.

1. Eiji Kashii / Ushii (Ox)

Eiji Kashii / Ushii (Ox)
Now, let’s the the list with the favorite character to win the competition (that’s according the to the anime’s script). Yeah, almost majority of the participants in the zodiac wars acknowledged his strength and his reputation as the “Genius of Slaughter.” He seems pretty capable and also quick-witted.

2. Usagi (Rabbit)

Usagi (Rabbit)
This guy is what people may call as what you see is what you get. He is insane, he’s a potential psychopath (if he’s not yet) but he’s seriously smart, strong, and twisted. Someone who simply revel in killing, thus, he’s the type of person that you’ll think to perfectly suits and may survive the zodiac war.

3. Tsugiyoshi Sumino / Nezumi  (Rat)

Tsugiyoshi Sumino / Nezumi (Rat)
The guy that we might thought to be the main character (which seems to be true) but as long as there’s no confirmation, we can’t tell that. However, the way we see him in the first 2 episodes, there’s more to him than being the guy who always doze off. If you’re in a battle royale, is it normal to sleep and slack off confidently? Obviously not, unless you’re the deus ex machina in the story, which is somehow might be the case of Nezumi. The way that other characters stated that he look familiar and it seems they know him may suggest that he’s on a legendary level, the possibility that someone so godlike may participate in the zodiac war is not too far from happening.

4. Misaki Yūki / Sharyū (Monkey)

Misaki Yūki / Sharyū (Monkey)
The girl that wants to have a peaceful competition, the typical characters that if put inside a classroom, is the person who will volunteer to lead the class and impose order via pacifism. Just like Nezumi, Sharyu seems to be hiding something, may it be her real strength, motive, or she simply an evilish or rudeless side of her is hiding behind that innocent facade.

5. Sumihiko Tsujiie / Hitsujii (Ram)

Sumihiko Tsujiie / Hitsujii (Ram)
A warrior who rely on his experiences in the battlefield. As a previous winner of zodiac war, he is someone noteworthy to be mention and definitely a dangerous character. The only thing that may question his strength is the fact that he is the oldest participants in the zodiac war and with age definite comes the wisdom but also as deterioration of one’s physical strength, and mental sharpness.

6. Nagayuki Tsumita / Tatsumi (Dragon, older brother)

Nagayuki Tsumita / Tatsumi (Dragon, older brother)
Together with his younger brother, the warrior of snake, they are considered to be legendary fighters and feared by many. However, his younger brother was killed by Usagi (Rabbit) before the zodiac wars officially begin, thus leaving us to question if he could back up their reputation alone.
Jūni Taisen Anime
Now, these are our Top 6 strongest Jūni Taisen characters who also have the biggest chances to take home the victory and won the Jūni Taisen: Zodiac War. Although, no one could really tell as battle royale anime such as this usually ends up in a draw outcome as every participants may actually died. However, there’s no doubt that Jūni Taisen: Zodiac War is one of the anime that are worth-watching this fall 2017 line up.

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