My Hero Academia Season 3 TV Anime Confirmed

My Hero Academia Season 3

Every fans of My Hero Academia surely have some reason to celebrate this time as the hit superhero anime is coming back for a 3rd season as announced during the finale episode of My Hero Academia Season 2.

In addition, there’s a 15-second clip featuring the upcoming conflict between Heroes and Villains as narrated by All Might, All For One, and Izuku Midoriya.
My Hero Academia TV anime is based on the manga series with the same title by Hirokoshi Kouhei. The following are the synopsis for the anime.

Set in a world where around 80% of the population possessing some sort of superpower, or “Quirk”, My Hero Academiafollows the adventures of Midoriya Izuku, who attends U.A. High School – the top academy for training young heroes. Since debuting in Weekly Shonen Jump serialization in 2014, the series has sold over 11 million volumes. In 2016, it received its first anime season, which was followed by another in 2017.

There had been a pretty solid build up of the story in the 2nd season of the anime, now all the important factor had been put in place and the exciting story had been set into motion. Everybody could expect an igniting action, heavy dosage of comedy, and definitely awesome adventure and struggle by the young generation of heroes in the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 3.

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