Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World Episode 3 Review

Kino's Journey - the Beautiful World - The Bothersome Country
Title: The Bothersome Country
Overview: Kino’s Journey Episode 3 is both a wonderful and bothersome experience to watch. However, it still has those magical and relaxing atmospheres that keeps you in your seat and see the story unfold through the end.
Setting: We had been introduced to a quite interesting and intriguing country this time, what’s peculiar in it is that it is constantly moving. Yeah, a giant cylindrical country with wheels and believe it or not, it exist in Kino’s Journey story. Now that seriously suits the anime’s title subtitle “the Beautiful World.”
It is a country run by a steam engine or some kind of an advanced mechanical technology that enables the giant country move and provide all kinds of daily necessity like water (recycled one), electricity, and it also have weaponries, a rather advance one that resembles the real world nuclear country.
Story: The episode started with Kino tried to sleep gallantly in a hammock tied on the trees with Hermes guarding her until the latter brought the topic that the ground is shaking.
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She first thought that it might be an earthquake but Hermes’ confront her statement that it’s too light to be an earthquake and suddenly they saw some giant cylindrical thing moving producing that light shaking on the ground as if a massive vehicle is passing.
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They follow it until a public official, specifically the diplomat invited Kino into the country on which she gladly accepted. The she observe how the citizens live though it’s not detailed. We had seen that the country is divided into layers with the lowest level being the powerhouse of the country and housing it power source. The middle layers are the residential area with the top level being the only place where direct sunlight reaches.
We also have the chance to see the beautiful mural that the children are painting in the outside wall of the moving country. It is actually a pretty heartwarming story as it was explained that these children are painting the most special and unforgettable scenery that they had seen in the course of their 1,200 days of travel.
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Actual mural painting shown in the episode.
It was previously explained during Kino’s tour that there are drones flying around both within and outside of the moving country for the citizens to visualize the surroundings that they’d been passed through.
The diplomat also explained to Kino that along their path is marks of their country in the land, where it could destroy the landscape, the trees and plants, and even leveled a nation if they wanted too. However, the latter is never a desire for the moving country although there are instances that they have to force their ways through the border of other countries.
The climax of this episode is none other than when the moving country force its way in to pass through a wall of another country since the latter nation had built its wall across the plains where the giant moving nation couldn’t go around it.
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This may sound pretty intense but the diplomat ordered the other country to let them pass through and have their citizens evacuate to avoid casualties. It didn’t go well as Kino’s predicted and the other country retaliate with force and fire missiles towards the moving country. In defense, the moving country activated its dome to protect its upper part while the missiles launched by other country won’t even scratch the giant cylindrical nation. In addition, they used a laser beam to cut through the wall where they could pass through.
Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World Episode 3 Review
Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World Episode 3 Review
Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World Episode 3 Review
The other nation followed them with missiles directly hitting on the mural wall where the children had painted. Kino then enters and offered to take care of those missile controllers.
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She succeeded on stopping the other nation and the moving country simply moves on like nothing had happened on its path which is really kind of bothersome, isn’t it?
In the end, the kids were happy that their mural painting isn’t ruin and it all thanks to Kino who seems to be regarded by these children as a hero.
Conclusion: In the end, when Kino bid her farewell on that bothersome, quite peculiar and truly interesting moving country; all that we had a pretty entertaining story and we couldn’t simply stop thinking how truly a bothersome and fearsome country it is. Bothersome, in a way that since it won’t stop on travelling, it keeps on leaving it footprints, it’s mark on mother nature and even leave a nation in ruins. It is fearsome in many ways, it is highly advance in technological methods and could even destroyed a nation easily; what even terrifying is that they lack a certain degree of empathy towards outsiders as portrayed in this episode.
However, a certain passage or line in this episode captured me and it goes this way “Every country, just like every man causes some degree of bother to others just by existing.” It couldn’t get any more real than that as it seriously reflect in today’s real world society and status of nations around the globe.
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As the bothersome country from Kino’s Journey continue on its path and travels, Hermes stated that a mural of Kino’s firing her riffle may actually appear on its wall a few hundred days after she separate her paths from it.
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Rate: This is a very relaxing, peculiar and casual episode, something to expect from Kino’s Journey. Nonetheless, I’m giving this episode a rate of 8.1/10 for the unique story, beguiling scenes, and just the fact that this episode is quite bothersome for the brain cells to work earnestly, but one thing is sure, this chapter of the story is truly captivating.

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