Dies Irae TV Anime Trailer Officially Released


Dies Irae anime project

Listed as one of Yu Alexius’ top 20 anime to watch this fall 2017, Dies Irae officially released its English subtitled trailer in the latest promotional video from Crunchyroll.

Dies Irae is based on award-winning romance battle adventure visual novel series with the same title from PC game maker, Light. The project was first greenlighted in December 2015 through the creator’s crowdfunding campaign where it successfully raised 300% of its original target goal.
The anime adaptation for Dies Irae is scheduled to have a total of 18 episodes with the first 12 episodes to air on TV while having the remaining six to be stream online.

Dies Irae TV anime series will premiere in Japan on October 7 at AT-X, Tokyo MX, and BS11.

Dies Irae Anime


Dies Irae Synopsis

Fuji Ren is just an ordinary student who lives in the Suwabara city. He’s discharged from the hospital after a fist-fight duel with his good pal, Yusa Shirou, who went missing right after. Even so, he is getting used to the normal school life again with the help of his childhood friend Ayase Kasumi and senior Himuro Rea. One day, a series of indiscriminate beheading murder cases started in the Suwabara city. For some reason, ever since then, he started to suffer from nightmares of himself on a guillotine. All of a sudden, everything changed in a blink of eye. Some powerful figures are secretly manipulating behind the scenes. The street is now a war field; incomprehensible, and absurd. Facing the stark reality where he has to fight to survive, will Ren be able to return to his mundane, ordinary life…? 

Among the staff for the upcoming TV anime are the following:
  • Director: Susumu Kudou
  • Series Composition/Scenarios: Takashi Masada (scenario writer for the original game)
  • Anime Character Designer: Takaaki Fukuyo
  • Music: Keishi Yonao
  • Producer: Genco
  • Anime Production: ACGT
  • Production: Dies irae ANIME PROJECT


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