[Watch] Elsword: El Lady Episode 02 English Subbed Released

The second episode for the anime adaptation of Elsword entitled “Elsword: El Lady” had been finally released on July 9, 2017. That’s approximately 7 months after the animation premiered on December 10, 2017; just 3 days before the online release of the game. 
The first episode is titled “Start of the adventure!” and introduce us to the world of Elsword and let us familiarize some of the main characters in the story. 
Suspicious Companion is the title of Elsword: El Lady episode 2 and continue where the story left on episode 1.

After Add rescues Eve from falling to the ravine, he introduces himself as a Nasod researcher. Elsword heartily welcomes him to the group but Elesis remains suspicious of his intentions. To travel further towards the Temple of Water, the party splits into two groups to avoid potential traps from demons. However, a powerful stream of water begins to flood their paths and interrupts their journey.

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