Top 10 Strongest King Vessels in Magi

Magi King Sinbad
In Magi The Labyrinth of Magic universe, a King Vessel is a Dungeon Capturer that is rewarded with a Djinn, also known as King Candidate. A King Vessel can be chosen by a Magi but there are numerous characters in the story that captured a dungeon without a Magi on their side. Thus, anyone can be a King Vessel regardless of their lineage or status, and whether they’re accompanied by a Magi or not. 
Magi anime characters
These King Vessels differs from one another, there are those who aims to conquer the world, some are simply wanting wealth, while others are fighting for the greater good and trying to change the fate of the world. No matter what the cases are, these King Vessels will definitely battle one another to achieve their goals (I’ll try to talk less about this matter in order to avoid some spoilers for those people who doesn’t follow the manga or didn’t reach the final chapter yet). The Djinns that they captured from conquering a dungeon boost them and grants them the power of a king, a metal vessel that they can use to achieve their goals, whether it’s for war, military strength, fame or wealth. 
King Sinbad and his allies
King Sinbad and his allies
Listing the Top 10 strongest of these King Vessels, isn’t easy but depending on the ability of their metal vessels, their own strength, intelligence, skills and ability as an individual, the power of their djinns, and their will-power; we may actually be able to figure out who stands among the rest of Magi’s King Vessels.

1. King Sinbad of Sindria

King Sinbad of Sindria
Sinbad in Focalor’s Djinn Equip
The perfect king vessel, with 7 djinns in under his control, it is undeniable that he is the strongest character in the series even defeating Ugo, taking control of the Sacred Palace and making King David his magi in the final arc of the manga series.

    2. Hakuryuu Ren

    Hakuryuu in Zagan Djinn Equip
    Hakuryuu in Zagan’s Djinn Equip

    Zagan is strong enough, then the monstrous power of Belial is added on his force, further makes Hakuryuu a beast on his own right. In addition, he is intelligent enough to outwit and defeat so many strong characters in the series especially Arba as Gyokuen Ren and successfully killing even Alibaba. He was also able to managed a victory in a war against his cousins – Kouen, Koumei, Kouha, and Kougyoku.

      3. Alibaba Saluja

      Alibaba Saluja Djinn Equip
      Alibaba in Amon’s Djinn Equip

      Some people may not expect Alibaba to be this high in the list but after his death in the hands of Hakuryuu and meeting the Mother Dragon, he became a force to reckon with. He acquired new skills of which helps him to easily read other people, and his intelligence and tactical skills is still one of the best in the Magi universe.

        4. Kouen Ren

        Kouen Ren in Astaroth's Djinn Equip
        Kouen Ren in Astaroth’s Djinn Equip
        He may have fallen from grace after his defeat in the hands of Hakuryuu and got exiled. However, his past glory is still worth to remember and having 3 djinns in his armory simply makes this cunning and charismatic guy a dangerous person to be your enemy.

        5. Muu Alexius

        Muu Alexius in Barbatos' Djinn Equip
        Muu Alexius in Barbatos’ Djinn Equip

        Muu may have a very low quantity of magoi due to the fact that he is half fanalis. But this doesn’t stop him from becoming an exemplary warrior, a king vessel whose martial prowess is top notch. His speed and strength alone could easily decide the fate of a battle right away.

          6. Mira Dianus Artemina

          Mira Dianus Artemina in Cerberus' Djinn Equip
          Mira Dianus Artemina in Cerberus’ Djinn Equip
          A rather cunning woman, Mira is a queen and one of the earliest dungeon capturer in the story. While not proven yet, she somehow shows that degree of fearsome aura and trait that makes her the strongest king vessel after Sinbad in the Seven Seas Alliance.

          7. Rametoto

          Rametoto in Forneus' Djinn Equip
          Rametoto in Forneus’ Djinn Equip

          A famous hero and literally an enormous monster. This guy is one of the strongest king vessel in Seven Seas Alliance.

            8. Armakan Amun-Ra

            Armakan Amun-Ra in Vassago's Djinn Equip
            Armakan Amun-Ra in Vassago’s Djinn Equip
            A rather mysterious man but definitely someone worth mentioning as he is one of the strongest members of Seven Seas Alliance.

              9. Takeruhiko Yamato

              Takeruhiko Yamato in Caim's Djinn Equip
              Takeruhiko Yamato in Caim’s Djinn Equip

              The king of the island of Kina. A member of Seven Seas Alliance before his disappearance and one of the key figure on the Kou Empire civil war where he help Hakuryuu on defeating Kouen’s army.

                10. Koumei Ren

                Koumei Ren in Dantalion's Djinn Equip
                Koumei Ren in Dantalion’s Djinn Equip
                While he’s power is not suited for fighting, he’s one of the most excellent tacticians and leaders in the Magi universe when it comes to battle of wits. 

                  Honorable Mentions

                  Hakuei Ren

                  Hakuei Ren in Paimon's Djinn Equip
                  Hakuei Ren in Paimon’s Djinn Equip

                  Kougyoku Ren

                  Kougyoku Ren in Vinea's Djinn Equip
                  Kougyoku Ren in Vinea’s Djinn Equip

                  Kouha Ren

                  Kouha Ren in Leraje's Djinn Equip
                  Kouha Ren in Leraje’s Djinn Equip

                  Darius Leoxses

                  Darius Leoxses in Alloces' Djinn Equip
                  Darius Leoxses in Alloces’ Djinn Equip


                  Barbarossa in Glasya-Labolas' Djinn Equip

                  And that ends our list, though I still think there are plenty of things to check on every members in this list as I believed that we haven’t seen yet the full potential of several characters here. 
                  In you end, who do you think is the strongest of them all?

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