Cardcaptor Sakura “The Sealing of Clow Cards”

Cardcaptor Sakura
One of the most classic and epic anime from 90s is Cardcaptor Sakura and no one could simply deny that. It has been a legendary icon from the golden days of anime where everything is simply majestic, authentic and classy. Aside from Sakura’s dazzling costumes, interesting and funny characters, and the budding romance between Syaoran and Sakura; one factor that simply made the series an enticing show is the Clow Cards. These magical cards are simply amazing and breathtaking that you badly want to see its awesome form and magical powers. 

In the video below, a certain YouTube channel feature all the sealing of the 53 Clow Cards and it simply bring us back on those good old days of anime. Come and join us this nostalgic trip together with our favorite gang from Cardcaptor Sakura.

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