The Kumō Brothers are Back in Donten ni Warau Sequel

Laughing Under the Clouds Anime
Tenka and his brothers of Kumō Shrine is back to bring another delightful story of brotherly adventure and Meiji era espionage. The elder brother Tenka together with his younger siblings Soramaru and Chūtarō will once again embark in an exciting adventure with their allies and the Yamainu Squad. The upcoming sequel is based on Kemuri Karakara’s Donten ni Warau Gaiden (Laughing Under the Clouds – Side Story). The source material is a spinoff manga of the original Donten ni Warau (Laughing Under the Clouds) manga written also by Karakara.
The spinoff manga, Donten ni Warau Gaiden (Laughing Under the Clouds – Side Story) includes some stories which are not told in the original manga. It includes a story from the past, probably those from 600 years prior to the story in the original Donten ni Warau featuring Botan, Hirari Abeno, and Kagemitsu Kumo; as well as some from the future which may give us a hint about what happened to Shirasu after the finale of the original anime series.
The original Donten ni Warau (Laughing Under the Clouds) manga inspired a 12 episode anime way back in Fall 2014. I believe that it was one of the most underrated yet truly amazing anime of that time.
In 2014, Karakara also launched another spinoff of the manga titled Laughing in Limbo (Rengoku ni Warau) which told the story of the Orochi’s last awakening 300 years ago prior to the original story.
There’s no specific date yet about the premiere and the format of Donten ni Warau sequel. However, fans can expect for another awesome tales to tell and more revelation about the past friendship of Tenka and Sousei, a deeper look on Tenka’s involvement with the Yamainu, further ado amongst the Kumō brothers and the exciting story of Botan and Hirari. Everybody also wants to find out what actually happened to Shirasu after the final encounter in the finale of the original manga. The budding relationship between Soramaru and Nishiki, as well as Soramaru’s competitive rivalry with Yamainu’s Takeda Rakuchou are also among the stuffs that fans should look forward to.

Laughing Under the Clouds Plot

In 1878, the Meiji Restoration occurred. Because of this, the country faced many criminals, such as samurai rebelling against their fallen positions. Many were arrested, but they soon broke out of their jail cells and rampaged across Japan. Therefore, the government did their best to prevent this by building a giant prison in the middle of Lake Biwa. However, to get these criminals to the prison, they needed a form of transport. In this way, the Kumō brothers were given the responsibility to take these criminals to their final resting place.

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