Divosaga Class Wars October 2016 Results & Review

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The October 2016 class wars of Divosaga took place last September 22. It was seriously too early for an October class wars but Divosaga had been weird in the past few months, having their God Revolution took place in the first week of the months and eventually 1 or 2 weeks before the actual month. The champions for Divosaga Class WarsOctober 2016 are the following: Warrior – Colossus, Mage – gabriel1983, and Ranger – Rains.
It was a seriously amazing and unpredictable months to begin with especially in the ranger class where the battle were really tough and close since most of the top tier in the class have very similar battle rating, overall strength and raw power. The mage class somehow is dominated by the mighty gabriel1983 while warrior had been a very predictable one with Xask now renamed Colossus always defending his High Warrior title in such a long period of time.
Let’s talk about each class, starting with the mage class wars where I, myself participated despite of my busy schedule. In fact, I played the God Revolution while I am in the office (have to be sneaky against evil monsters, I mean my superiors) haha. So, I ended up in rank 12 in the Hall of Heroes though I’m sure I can enter the Top 10 if I didn’t missed 3 rounds due to that annoying disconnection issue. Anyway, Gabriel1983 of AkuIndu guild swept his way into the top returning as the High Wizard with last month’s winner dKhlw behind him in the 2nd place. I have high expectation of dKhlw because I witnessed the big improvement on his battle rating and overall stats in the past 4 or 5 months and I can say that he is sitting up there with a solid power, just a little bit lower than the mighty gabriel1983. The 3rd place was taken by RudsMK (previously known as MonkeyKings), he’d been a consistent name in the top tier this 2016 even entering the Top 3 a couple of times before together with SisterMercy, AlfaClovers and doppelganger. Honorable mentions in this month’s mage class wars include SisterMercy who have the 2nd highest BR among mages in the game and took the 4th place. Meanwhile, both Batman and AlfaClovers tied up with 11 wins eventually taking the 5th and 6thplace respectively.
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In the Warrior class wars, Colossus from the guild LORDS bring home the bacon (as usual), well, he is simply the strongest player in the game anyway with a staggering battle rating of almost 5 million. He’d been defending the High Warrior title for such a long period of time, I guess it’s over a year already with only 1 time it has been stolen from him by Austinjet79 (predecessor of Colossus as the High Warrior) when he didn’t participated on one class wars. The second place in the Warrior class wars was taken by LouisaMarie who had been a consistent name in the God Revolution this 2016. She had those fancy mythic set that really looks awesome and she, among the other warriors in the game has the biggest chances of succeeding Colossus as the High Warrior. My favorite warrior in the game, Andiwijayaa took the 3rd place this time. Master Andi seems to do very well despite of being a free player now as he stopped investing that much money on the game. Now, that’s a big thumbs up for him, the same thing also goes with those amazing warriors that managed to enter the Hall of Warlords especially to new players that recently enter the top tier. Honorable mentions in Warrior class wars this month is MasK who was in 3rd place last month, as well as Romeo and Muramasa who had rise to the top tier so fast despite coming from relatively new servers.
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Lastly, are the ranger class wars, the most disputed part of Divosaga God Revolution, where no one can simply predict the winner. I thought, it’s either Vick, Laran, Arcadia or Feikei that will take the first place but everybody was surprised when former High Ranger two years ago Rains pulled off something and eventually became the victor. Rains had been a consistent name in the player’s ranking but a very passive one that people may not even think he’s still investing on his account. The second place was taken by Feik3i who had been a consistent player in Top 5 of Ranger class war for such a long period of time. Should I say, he’d been notorious having the bride’s maid spot on the 3rd and 4th place this year? The previous High Ranger titleholder Vick, ended up in 3rd place. In fact, I was expecting him to win and having a close match with Laran on the first place as they had been the two most highly feared rangers in the game and they’d been consistent on having the 1st and 2nd spot in the past few ranger class wars. On the other hand, honorable mentions in this month are Arcadia who despite of having a terribly high battle rating still lacks something and I guess that’s the reason why she’s having a hard time entering the Top 3. Aside from Arcadia, Aussie and Laran are still a force to reckon with as they tied up with Vick on the 3rd place though the latter entered the Top 3 because of his high battle rating. Another formidable player in the ranger class war is HazeL ended up in rank 6. I would also like to congratulate to my idol, the powerful wind sylph user in the game OnyxMist (who had been my inspiration for having a wind guardian as my main sylph) for being a consistent and solid name in the top tier of Ranger Class Wars.
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