Divosaga Class Wars July 2016 Results and Review

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Hey guys, this post is about the result of Divosaga’s class wars for July 2016 albeit it actually took place last June 28 (preliminary) and June 30 (final). Anyway, this is quite an exciting class wars, well at least for me because despite of my busy schedule I was able to participate in it without asking my pilot to play my character haha.
It was a really fascinating class wars with gabriel1983, vick and Xask (sorry, I’m not use on using he’s new in-game name). It’s also my first time to reach the Top 20 in Hall of Heroes with rank 16 as my final place. I thought I can handle entering the Top 10, it just happened that my internet connection sucks so bad and making me slow. Anyway, Lieven even asked me during one of our fight if I’ll make a post about this class wars and I wasn’t able to give an answer, anyway here it is now.
First, let’s talk about the mage class wars. The winner was still the reigning champion gabriel1983; he is seriously a massive player in the past few years with a very big gap from the rest of the mages in the game. I guess it may take a long time before we saw someone’s name having the title of the High Wizard and I’m sure it’s not too soon yet. On the second place is SisterMercy, she’s formerly known as Twizzle and she surely invested a lots of cash in the character lately. Twizzle used to be a candidate for the High Wizard a year ago, usually 2nd or 3rd place to Yokoshiro. Now, SisterMercy finally make it back on the top spot and the closest on stealing the title of High Wizard from gabriel1983. Meanwhile, the 3rd place goes to dKhlw, and this is his first time to enter the Top 3. He’s from my server and I’m quite surprised with his improvement because 5 or 6 months ago he went inactive and returned in the game about 3 months ago. Right now, he has the strongest guardian in our server and I’m hoping that he’ll continue making it big in any class wars to come in the near future.

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Among the contenders for Top 3 in Mage class wars include Yokoshiro (who hold the title of High Wizard for 11 consecutive months). There’s also Batman, who had been a consistent name in Top 3 in the past few months.
Now, let’s move on to the next class which is the warrior, Xask dominates the class wars as usual. Having the highest battle rating in the game’s entirety and being the strongest player in the game guaranteed the High Warrior title to him.  Well, he’s simply sitting there in the top overpowering everyone else with his 4402774 battle rating. He was followed by MasK, who had been a consistent name in the Hall of Warlords in Warrior class wars though it’s been ages since the last time I saw him entered the Top 3. The 3rd spot goes to LouisaMarie, another consistent name in the Hall of Warlords though; she’s new compared to other names in the list.
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Among the contenders for Top 3 in Warrior class wars include Romeo, who is seriously the newest name in the Hall of Warlords with a very astonishing battle rating. Another name is Ciara who’s back in the upper rank of Warrior class wars after a long time of being inactive. On the other hand, I’m craving to see Austinjet79 and Master AndiWijayaa in the Top 3 but it seems they’re no show this time, haha probably busy with some real life matters and didn’t participate in this month’s class wars.
Lastly, we will discuss about the Ranger class wars with so many ooh-so amazing players with astonishing battle rating. This month, Vick won the title of High Ranger for himself and I’d like to give him a round of applause for a job well done.  He had won the Ranger class wars a couple of times but among the classes, the Ranger always have the most heated and really unpredictable outcome since the fight among the players are always too close. For sure, this is a big victory for Vick. Anyway, the 2nd place goes to Aussie, a solid and very powerful ranger who had been a consistent name in the Ranger’s Hall of Warlords and also won the High Ranger title multiple times. The last month’s winner Laran ended up in the 3rd place and for sure, he had a close fight with the other top contenders as they’re not really that much of a big different between their battle ratings.

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Other contenders in the Top 3 for Ranger class wars include one of my personal favorite, Feik3i (whom I would like to say thank you for always sharing my post related to Divosaga). Among the Rangers in the Hall of Warlords, he had been the oldest name in it, being a part of the 1st God Revolution way back in 2013 and had been a consistent name in Ranger class wars for such a long period of time, he had been a Top contender ever since Raijin’s time as the High Ranger. Another name to reckon with in this month’s Ranger class wars is Arcadia who has the highest battle rating among rangers in the game at the moment. There’s also Chiko77, who had been a champion of Ranger class wars a couple of times almost a year ago.
Well, that’s the result of Divosaga’s God Revolution for July 2016 and I hope that guys enjoyed your time playing the game despite of so many lag issues in it. Anyway, have a great day and happy gaming to everyone. Cheers!
Now, let’s look forward for an exciting Divosaga’s overseas guild war which is about to start next Saturday (July 9, 2016). I just wish that my guild The_Legion will have some great time in the upcoming CSG, we’re just a bunch of passive players whom trying to enjoy the game without being aggressive. See you guys in the battlefield.

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