ReLIFE Anime to Star Kensho Ono and Ai Kayano

0debc relife2banime ReLIFE Anime to Star Kensho Ono and Ai Kayano
The main cast for the anime adaptation of Yayoiso’s ReLIFE manga has been revealed by the anime’s staff on Monday – February 8, 2016. Kensho Ono who’s known for his role as Kuroko from Kuroko’s Basketball and Hakuryū Ren from Magiwill play the character of Arata Kaizaka. Joining him is Ai Kayano who previously plays the role of anohana’s Menma and Your Life in April’s Nagi Aizato will star as Chizuru Hishiro.

ReLIFE Story

The manga’s story revolves around Arata Kaizaki, an unemployed, single 27-year-old who has just been cut off from his parents’ financial support. Unable to find a job due to his leaving his previous employer within three months, he is stuck. One night after drinking with a high school friend, Arata meets Ryō Yoake, a man who offers Arata pills to turn him back into a 17-year old so he can redo his life. After agreeing to the experiment, Arata joins a high school class, and meets Chizuru Hishiro, a socially awkward silent beauty who yearns to have friends. Through connecting with her and other classmates, Arata must find what he lacks to live a happy life in the real world within a one-year time limit.

ReLIFE anime project is produced by TMS Entertainment. A stage event hosted by Anime Japan with the anime’s cast will be held on March 26. The event will unveil more of the cast members as well as visuals of the anime together with further information about the project.

ReLIFE’s author Yayoisobegan the manga on Comico free manga app in 2013, it was then green-lit for physical publication in 2014. 

Via: Oricon

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