Noragami Stage Play Main Cast in Costume

Noragami Stage Play Poster

The entire main cast of the upcoming Noragami stage play was shown in their costume on Monday. The stage play will feature an original story by Adachitoka. Directing and writing the script for the play is Naohiro Ise.

Noragami stage play will run at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo for eight performances starting January 28 to 31. The general seating tickets for the play cost 6,800 yen (US$55) while premium seating tickets cost 9,800 yen (about US$79) and it come with special bonus.

Noragami Stage Play Cast

Noragami Stage Play - Hiroki Suzuki as Yato
Hiroki Suzuki as Yato
Noragami Stage Play - Keisuke Ueda as Yukine
Keisuke Ueda as Yukine
Noragami Stage Play - Kasumi Hasegawa as Hiyori Iki
Kasumi Hasegawa as Hiyori Iki
Noragami Stage Play - Ayaka Ando as Bishamon
Ayaka Ando as Bishamon
Noragami Stage Play - Takuma Wada as Kazuma
Takuma Wada as Kazuma
Noragami Stage Play - Minami Itohara as Kofuku
Minami Itohara as Kofuku
Noragami Stage Play - Yūki Tomotsune as Daikoku
Yūki Tomotsune as Daikoku
Noragami Stage Play - Shūhei Izumi as Tenjin
Shūhei Izumi as Tenjin
Noragami Stage Play - Reina Yoshida as Mayu
Reina Yoshida as Mayu
Noragami Stage Play - Tsubasa Sakiyama as Suguru
Tsubasa Sakiyama as Suguru
In addition to the ensemble casts are: Satoru Moritoki, Seiji Ishihara, Rensi Koyama, Dahara Shimasa, Kiyohito Marume, Masako Miyasato, and Mitsuru Watanabe.
The stage play is based on Adachitoka’s original manga which also inspired a 2-season TV anime series. The first season of Noragami TV anime aired in 2014 while the second season, Noragami Aragotopremiered on October 2, 2015.

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