Itachi Shinden TV Anime Adaptation Trailer Posted

Itachi Shinden TV Anime

The first trailer for the highly anticipated 2016 anime Itachi Shinden has been released during the Jump Festa 2016event that took place in Tokyo. Itachi Shinden trailer isn’t really that long but it previews what could have been Itachi’s life from the start to finish. This is the untold story of a shinobi who murdered his entire clan in order to protect his village and his little brother.

Itachi Shinden anime is inspired by the novel series of the same name written by author Takashi Yano. The Itachi Shinden novels is divided into two parts: the Lightnessand Darkness, which depicts Uchiha Itachi’s life as the genius/protégé shinobi until he became a rouge ninja and later let himself get killed by his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke.
The Itachi Shinden anime adaptation will premiere in spring of 2016. For sure, many fans are excited for this because it is undeniable that Itachi is the most popular and well-loved character in the Naruto series and everyone simply wants to know more about him; his story and his life.

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