How to level up fast in Felspire RPG game

Felspire RPG game

Felspire is a new free-to-play browser game and it is pretty popular among players of RPG game. Probably, the reason why it is popular is that it is easy to play and there are tons of ways to level up your character fast and quite an interesting game interface. I’d played this game for few days already and believe me, it’s pretty easy to level up, I’m currently level 219 and I’d only play for around 5-6 days. However, leveling is quite easy but getting enough power to be competitive takes some serious time unless you’re a big time casher. I’m currently level 219 with combat power of around 64000. I think it is easy to make your character strong without spending that much and be on a competitive level, but it will really consume too much time and I think only people who don’t have a life outside of the game can do that.

Below my character in the game.

Felspire YuAlexius
Killing monsters in the game gives too much experience for leveling up and some rare items that can boost the players’ combat power. Equipment is also important but I think it is easy to get it since there’s a workshop where players have 15 chances each day to get some valuable equipments. Pets and mount is also a big help on getting a competitive combat power. Gold is not a problem in the game since players can easily get tons of it from daily tasks and even killing monsters in the fields and in dungeons.
In this post, I will discuss some ways to get big amount of experience that will help your character to level up fast in Felspire. Furthermore, the game gave rewards for players who accomplished a certain level up margin such as level 100, 200 and so on.
Completing the main quests can help players to level up fast; it gives big amount of experience and also drops some decent rare items such as cards that can be use in gallery to increase the players’ combat power and some rare equipments and materials that can be use in forge.
Players can also download the mini-client and play using it, there’s a 10% extra EXP per kill when players play with mini-client.
Always complete the daily quest, it is highly recommended to do daily quest and I think it should be one of the things that must be done first right after logging in the game every day. It gives EXP and gold as well as a 1.5 EXP potion that will last for an hour.

Felspire Daily Quest
Praying is also a great way to gain EXP, in praying tab, there’s an option where players can choose whether they want to pray to get gold or EXP.

Felspire Pray
For me, dungeons are one of the best ways to gain EXP, both the Demon Abyss and the Temple of Death gives a decent amount of EXP and items. Players can also join the guild Realm dungeons, players can obtain tons of EXP and rare items loots in it.

Felspire's Demon Abyss
Felspire’s Demon Abyss dungeon
Felspire's Temple of Death
Felspire’s Temple of Death dungeon

There’s the killing streak system where players gained extra experience for killing monsters in succession, the higher the kill streak, the bigger the EXP bonus that the players received.
Players can also claim EXP via the retrieve panel and also spend gold in order to get double EXP.

Retrieve EXP bonus in Felspire

Joining a party also gives an EXP bonus; the bonus particularly reached up to 30% and is helpful all the party members are on the same map.
For players who are lucky enough to enter the Top 3 guilds in your server, participating in GvG battles also boost your EXP. During the event, there are several areas that give you 5X, 10X, 15X and even up to 20X EXP per 15 seconds. The areas that gave more EXP are more dangerous, it means more enemies are there.

Felspire GvG

All in all, leveling up is not the only thing that should be given focus when playing Felspire. Players should also refine their equipments, train their pets and mounts, level up their skills, smelt their relics and increase the guild reputation in order to get a competitive combat power. 

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