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The 3rd session of Divosaga’s cross server guild war finally concluded last Saturday – December 5, 2015 with the guild MynDestiny winning the championship and taking all the glory. It has been an exciting cross server guild war unlike to the previous CSG session since the result is quite unpredictable. With the Divosaga management doing the game upgrade and added a new patch in the game in the middle of the CSG greatly changed the tide of the competition. Some old players decided to return thus increasing the strength of some guilds. Furthermore, the big server merged that took place just a week after the CSG begun also affect on the outcome of the competition and guild strengths.
This time, the guild MynDestinysweeps every opponent and ended up winning the 3rd session of cross-server guild war. Following them on the ranking is AkuIndu in the second place, and the two time champion of the previous CSG Outlawz_FC finished in third place. For the full result of the cross-server guild war session 3, check the ranking below.

Divosaga CSG Diamond Team
Diamond Team

Divosaga CSG Gold Team
Gold Team

Divosaga CSG Silver Group
Silver Team
Divosaga CSG Iron Group
Iron Team
One of the big help on the victory of MynDestiny is definitely the return of their old players who quit few months ago. Probably, they returned because of the new patch and that greatly increased their strength; one of these players is Angel who despite of being inactive in the past 5-6 months, still managed to return in the top spot in no time. Another reason of MynDestiny victory is the fact that most of Rockcrew’s member transferred to them after it was dissolve when Sensi wasn’t able to register it in CSG.

For now, the top three guilds in the game are AkuIndu , Outlawz_FC and MynDestiny with very similar guild strengths. The only thing that might be different is that AkuIndu have more powerful individual players on their league, also similar to MynDestiny. On the other hand, OFC now takes a slow down usually relying on their quantity though there are still powerful members on their guild. I am on the same server as OFC, and the only thing I’d noticed is that most of their members who quit didn’t return after the game upgrade, but they still have many strong members however not as many as what AkuIndu and MynDestiny have right now. When I wrote my first post for Divosaga CSG in the prelims, I thought that OFC will win once again since they finished 1st place during the preliminary defeating AkuIndu, MynDestiny and some stronger guilds like Hope (having the game’s strongest player MightyXask), Virtual, Dropbears, SHIELD, and Unity. But the new patch just changed the tide of the competition, so congratulations to all the winners and to all the players, Divosaga cross-server guild war session 3 has been a successful one. Also congratulations to my guild, we finished 2ndplace in Silver group.  

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