Stella Glow 3DS Game Full Trailer

Stella Glow 3DS Game

The full trailer for Stella Glow Nintendo 3DS game was released by Atlus USA on Tuesday – November 17, 2015 accompanying the North American launching of the game.

Stella Glow 3DS game is produced by Hideyuki Mizutani and it was directed by Dai Ōba. The sound for the game was handled by Yasunori Mitsuda, Shunsuke Tsuchiya, and Procyon Studio. Stella Glow opening theme titled “Hiraki no Metamorphosis” is performed by Konomi Suzuki, and designing the characters of the game are Makoto Shakadō, ideolo, and others.

The game was released by Sega in Japan last June 4, 2015.
The game takes place in a world of swords and magic, where a knight named Alto must recruit witches to defeat the Witch of Destruction Hilda. Gameplay will focus on witches who control “song magic,” and will feature strategic battles on a 3D map that center on the witches who employ this magic. Battles will be fought from a quarter-view perspective.
Stella Glow was originally conceived to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Imageepoch brand. However, after Imageepoch filed for bankruptcy in May, the game was published by Sega though Imageepochannounced the game as solo venture last October.

Via: Anime News Network
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