Seraph of the End Season 2 Trailer Previews New Theme Song

Seraph of the End Season 2 Poster

The trailer for Seraph of the End Season 2 anime series has been revealed via their show’s official website last Monday. The English-subtitled trailer features the song “Two souls -toward the truth-” by fripSide which is the opening theme for the anime’s second season, “Battle in Nagoya.”

Aside from the new opening theme song, additional cast members for the Narumi squad were also announced. The following are the cast for Narumi squad members:
Seraph of the End - Makoto Narumi


Yoshimasa Hosoya as Makoto Narumi
Seraph of the End - Shusaku Iwasaki
Daisuke Hirakawa as Shusaku Iwasaki
Seraph of the End - Rika Inoue
Kaori Ishihara as Rika Inoue
Seraph of the End - Yayoi Endo
Emiri Katō as Yayoi Endo
Seraph of the End - Taro Kagiyama
Takanori Hoshino as Taro Kagiyama
The anime series is adapted from Daisuke Furuya, Takaya Kagami and Yamato Yamamoto’s manga series “Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign”.

The story takes place in a world where an unknown virus has killed the entire human population except for children. Those children were then enslaved by vampires. The manga centers on Yūichirō Hyakuya, a human who dreams of becoming strong enough to kill all vampires.

Seraph of the End Visual


Seraph of the End anime first season premiered on April 4 with the second season set to air this October 10, 2015. It will air on several TV stations in Japan including Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, MBS, AT-X, TV Asahi CS and BS 11. Funimation will also stream the second season since they streamed the first season as it aired in Japan.
With fripSide performing Seraph of the End season 2 opening theme, Nagi Yanagi will perform the anime’s new ending them which is titled “Orarion.”
Are you guys excited for this new season of Seraph of the End (Owari no Seraph), if yes then what do you expect to happen in the story?

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