Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul Game Promo Features Hades

40249 saint2bseiya2bsoldiers2bsoul2bhades Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul Game Promo Features Hades

The fourth promotional videos of the upcoming PS3/PS4/PS Vita fighting game Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul finally shows us a preview of Hades. The video which was released last Friday reveals some scenes in the game’s story and the character Hades (which is the antagonist in Saint Seiya anime series).

Gameplay videos for the character Dohko, Poseidon, Aiolos, Athena vs. Hades and Camus have been previous streamed recently by Bandai Namco Entertainment.
Short 3rd Promo Video Poseidon Version

Dohko English Video

Aiolos Japanese Video

Athena vs Hades English Video

Camus English Video
Earlier this month, a promo video featuring CamusGod Cloth has been released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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