Persona 5 RPG Gets an Anime Special

Persona 5 Anime

An anime special adaptation of the upcoming PS 4/PS 3 role-playing game Persona 5 has been announced by Atluslast Saturday during the “Atlus Presents Persona Special Stage” event at Tokyo Game Show 2015. More details will be revealed in the future according to the staffs. Footage of the game’s opening has been unveiled too in the event together with the recording session of the game’s opening theme song performed by Lyn.

Persona 5 Opening Theme:


The third promotional video for Persona 5 anime special has been released by Atlus last Thursday, it revealed that the game was rescheduled for PS4/PS3 release next summer.

In the video, the radio announcer talks about a train accident with an unknown cause, and a person in the crowd mentions how there have been a lot of accidents lately. A student speaks about a rumor that hearts are being stolen, and another mentions they saw something like that being talked about on the Internet. The protagonist’s friend Nidai exclaims at how the school has changed appearance into the form of a castle. The feline companion mentions that these places called “palaces” are the materialization of twisted human desire. The character voiced by Tomokazu Sugita mentions how surprised he is that the phantom thief who steals hearts really exists. And old man says that the Persona is the armor, the mask that protects its user. (Via: Anime News Network)

Persona 5 Promotional Video 3


Persona 5 Characters:

Jun Fukuyama as Protagonist
Jun Fukuyama as Protagonist, the person who is considered the leader of the phantom thief group. He is a 16-year-old boy who just transferred to a new high school, but he seems adult-like at a glance. He currently lives with his parents’ friend at a teahouse. His reason for coming to the big city is private for now.


Mamoru Miyano as Ryuji Sakamoto


Mamoru Miyano as Ryuji Sakamoto. Like the protagonist, he’s a 16-year-old second-year in the same high school. He displays wild behavior, so is considered a problem child at school. He’s usually watched by the teachers and advisers at school. He didn’t used to act like this, so what was the cause of his bad behavior?


Nana Mizuki as An Takamaki


Nana Mizuki as An Takamaki, a student at the same school. She is 16-year-old quarter American. Because of her stand-out appearance, she tends to cut herself off from her surroundings at school. She spends time with the protagonist and Ryuji. There’s a weird rumor about her going around the school, but it’s unclear whether or not it’s true.


Ikue Ohtani as Morgana


Ikue Ohtani as Morgana, the most mysterious part of the phantom thief group. Morgana has the height of a child and the appearance of a black cat, but Morgana’s identity is completely unknown. That looks like a headpiece…? That’s all the information there is so far. Morgana resembles a black cat that spends time with the protagonist, but…
Persona 5 RPG will have a winter release this 2014 on PS 3 in Japan. As for the anime special, further details will be posted later, so make sure to come and check Yu Alexius anime blog for updates.

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