Tokyo Xanadu Game’s Demo Video Gives a Preview of the Story

Tokyo Xanadu
Nihon Falcom’s upcoming game PlayStation Vita game Tokyo Xanadu began streaming its demo video last Friday. The video features the game’s story and its gameplay systems which includes the battle scenes. It also features the in-game idol group SPiKA’s theme song “Seize the day.”
The “urban legend action RPG” takes place in Tokyo after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake cause fires, tsunamis, toxic gas leaks, and other calamities to hit the city, leaving 20,200 dead and 7,000 missing. The story will follow high schoolers Kō and Asuka in a post-earthquake Tokyo, as well as the spirit world labyrinth “Xanadu.”

It will be ship in Japan on September 30 at the retail price of 6,480 yen (about US$53) with tax for the standard edition. The first-pressing limited edition box will retail for 7,600 yen (US$62) with tax and it includes an original mini soundtrack together with two rubber straps and a full-color illustration book. 

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