7th Dragon III code:VFD Game Videos Introduce Fortuner and Samurai Job Classes

7th Dragon III code:VFD

Two introduction videos had began streaming from Sega last Friday and it features new job classes in the game 7th Dragon III code:VFD namely Fortuner and Samurai. The game is the latest entry in the 7th Dragon role-playing game series.

In the game, the players can chose from three different “styles” for their character: Anlantis, Eden, or Tokyo. There are eight different job classes in it: Samurai, God Hand, Agent, Duelist, Rune-Knight, Fortuner, Mage, and Vanisher. In addition, the game features 40 voice actors and actresses to choose for the character’s voice. 

The game will be available on Nintendo 3DS on October 15 at 5,990 yen (about US$49) via physical and digital releases. It feature stages in the past, present and future; it also serves as the final work in the 7th Dragon game series.

The characters were designed by Shirow Miwa, while sasakure.UK is writing and arranging the theme song and Yūzō Koshiro is composing the music; producing the game is Jūrō Watari. The theme song “ChRøNiClESeVeN” will be perform by Annabel

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