Just Because! Episode 2 Review

Just Because Anime
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Overview: In general, all I get from this anime is that Ao Haru Ride vibes mixed with Tsuki ga Kirei. Yes, Just Because! is a strong contender for romance anime of 2017, it’s just my intuition working too fast.  It’s my first time to see the opening and ending sequence for Just Because! and it really looking so good and the story itself is promising. It’s the type of anime that even though there are only few episodes out, you’re sure deep into your heart and it is something worth watching and will make a great impression, and that’s what you get with Just Because!
Just Because! Episode 2 Review
Characters: As usual, we have Natsume, Izumi, and Haruto as the main trio in this episode. We also get to know a shallow part of their personal lives and that includes an introduction of their parents and siblings, especially in the part of Morikawa.
Setting: Majority of the story took place in an aquarium park, and in school. The vibes simply gives off a very nostalgic feeling and a sense of de javu as you could really tell that you’d seen such plot in other anime series too. However, what makes Just Because! an interesting anime is the fact that it could make thought de javu scenes and story a plot of its own.
Story: In this episode, it had been surely hinted that Natsume used to have feelings for Haruto and it seems that it is still present until now and the only one who know that is Izumi, who actually have a crush on her in middle school. On the present, Haruto is in love with Morikawa on which Natsume seems to be very supportive as Haruto’s friend despite of her feeling. Such is the case in Just Because!, a very common plot but different execution.
Haruto invited Morikawa on a date but as the love-lame that he is, it seems that he still need some push although he already made his mind that he will tell Morikawa his feeling.
There, when he awkwardly invited Morikawa out, there’s the funny entrance of Natsume and Izumi in the story, they eventually decided to join Haruto and Morikawa just to help their friend and avoid awkward scenarios as Yoriko also appeared.
During the date, Morikawa brought her two younger brothers. One is quite timid and the other is very energetic on which Haruto have to build the rapport on.
Just Because! Episode 2 Review
Just Because! Episode 2 Review
Just Because! Episode 2 Review
As the story progress, Haruto eventually able to get closer with the two boys and even had the chance the carry one of them to ride on his shoulder, much to Morikawa’s pleased. Natsume and Izumi eventually separated from them; with Natsume complaining inside her head what is Haruto doing when the guy did some awkward stuff to talk to Morikawa. On the other hand, Izumi’s also thinking the same about her, why does she very supporting of this despite of her feelings for Haruto. With this, it had been clear that Just Because! may revolves around their feelings for the other person while also trying to move on and cope up with it, thus, leaving Natsume and Izumi’s feeling vulnerable to one another.
Conclusion: Just Because! Episode 2 Question ended with the group added each other on LINE and get started to get close with one another. They eventually made a group chat composed of five of them: Natsume, Izumi, Haruto, Morikawa, and Yoriko where the shared some pictures taken from their supposed to be “group date.”
Just Because! Episode 2 Review
Just Because! Episode 2 Review
It seems that this might be the real start of friendship for these teenagers who don’t really getting close to each other despite of being together in one class. Now, this may also mark the start of a pretty indulging romance stories that we should see through the end.
Rate: This episode gives too much feeling of nostalgia and de javu, thus I’ll give it a rate of 7.8/10. A very good episode that is truly warming and relaxing; it wouldn’t be a bother if it actually gave us some butterflies on our stomach.

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