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Guest Posting

Hey guys, I've been receiving a lot of emails lately asking for guest posting, or if they could submit their articles for posting in the blog. I am actually quite surprised to see that our blog is growing and is reaching quite a lot of readers (something that I can't imagine when I first started this blog last 2015). In response to all those queries, we decided to accept post submission in the blog. We will definitely welcome interesting topics that you would like to share especially if it is about the following subjects:
  • Anime News
  • Anime Reviews
  • Chinese Anime Related Contents
  • Game Reviews
  • Anime Trivia and Fun Facts
  • Fanarts, illustrations, & original short video animations

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It is our utmost desire to help our fellow people in the anime community to have their works expose to a wider audiences and help them grow as an artist, or simply share their interest to the whole community. We could also link your submitted post to your official website or portfolio, or social media outlets for reference.

All submitted post will be tagged under the label: guest-posts which will be reflected in the blog.

I'll be more than happy too to have an interesting discussion about anime and similar stuffs to anyone. If you wish to talk with us about submitting your works, you may contact us at jzeuldeick [at] You may also check our social media outlets for more updates:

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