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Are you an anime fanatic or an aspiring writer or illustrator who wants to share your work to the world? If yes, then I am inviting you to join our team. You can showcase your thoughts or opinions about your favorite anime and the industry as a whole. You may also share your favorite works (illustrations, drawings, fanarts, videos, etc) and expose your piece to a wider audience.

Our team is also open for fellow bloggers from anime community for 'guest posting' and mutual linking.

Join our energetic and vibrant team @ Yu Alexius Anime Portal. If you're an aspiring blogger, a professional writer or anyone who shares the same passion as us when it comes to anime, games, manga, live-action, and any trending otaku stuffs, we are inviting you to join us. Be a contributor in our growing otaku family as we are heading towards a bigger goal, to become an interactive anime community that understands each other and work towards a common passion and goal. For any concerns, inquiries, or questions, you may email us at jzeuldeick [at] 

Thank you!

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