The Otaku Box, an anime themed subscription crate with personalization announce a contest for manga creators to give exposure to independent manga titles and its creators. This is in partnership with the geek and pop culture marketing agency GeekSmash.
The Otaku Box
This contest aims to give a chance for independent artists to be featured in the monthly crate of The Otaku Box with physical or digital copies of their titles. Furthermore, the creator’s works shall be feature by The Otaku Box in their bi-weekly email subscriptions.
The details of the contest are as follows:
  • Manga needs to be in English
  • Submissions can be in black-and-white or color
  • Single issues or compilations/anthologies are both welcome
  • Four winners will be selected


To enter the contest, submit your information via the Google Form at this address: https://goo.gl/forms/NVNzPETfRARNSIQS2
GeekSmash’s CEO Joe Delbridge also quoted:

“Helping independent creators is at the core of the Otaku Box’s values, which is why this contest is so important to them. Not only will the inclusion of manga add value for their subscribers, it gives a rare opportunity for deserving creators to have their works read by a large audience. Through sharing the creators’ work with The Otaku Box subscribers, they’re introducing fun, new content that they may not have found otherwise and we’re all very excited about this project!”

The Otaku Box first began to bring anime themed goodies to otakus around the world – utilizing the booming subscription crate model. The Otaku Box had been a unique service by providing personalized options for its users and by offering manga content from independent creators, it simply expand the horizon of its service by providing a unique blend of Japanese themed products for various otakus all around the globe.

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