PV for Chinese manhua “Science Soldiers” & “Fight for Love Love!” Unveiled

If there is anything new that you had noticed with Yu Alexius anime portal, that’s definitely our gradual change of approach in our articles as we focus on providing news, and similar stuffs for Chinese animation (called donghua). That’s why we had been featuring news, occasional reviews, and promotional videos of anything related to Chinese anime this 2018.


Chinese manga: Science Soldiers (科学战士)
Chinese Manga: Science Soldiers (科学战士)


As we changed our approach and focus on Chinese animation, this will also includes introducing not just Chinese anime but also Chinese games, novels, and manga (manhua). This time, I would like to share about a promotional videos for two (2) Chinese manhua which I really find peculiar and at the same time entertaining.
MIGU, a subsidiary of China Mobile is a specialized operating entity providing digital content business segments including music, videos, reading, games and comic; as such they producing animated PV for several Chinese manhua such as My Frog Is No Prince (我的青蛙不王子) which is written by sariel.
Just like My Frog is No Prince, MIGU also released a new animated promotional videos for Science Soldiers (科学战士) by author Shao Hongpeng, and Fight for Love Love! (魔运会之爱与激斗) by bird of paradise.

Science Soldiers (科学战士)

Science Soldiers (科学战士)
Science Soldiers (科学战士)

This is not your typical mecha story, I’m telling you! It is quite rare to find a mecha anime or manga in China as the market had been almost saturated with Wuxia-inspired story (which I wouldn’t blame them because it is their culture), it is such a refresher to see this kind of piece in the Chinese digital media market. Take a peek in Science Soldiers’ world-setting as they introduced the super-destructive war machine called Pangu.

Fight for Love Love! (魔运会之爱与激斗) 

Fight for Love Love! (魔运会之爱与激斗)
Fight for Love Love! (魔运会之爱与激斗)

The typical shoujo story which will entertain us with its generic yet still effective funny and sarcastic shenanigans.

Fight for Love Love! animated PV from r/Donghua

Anyway, if you like Chinese manga, you may want to check the animated PV for My Frog is No Prince. Furthermore, you can read both Science Soldiers (科学战士) here, while Fight for Love Love! (魔运会之爱与激斗) can be read here.

On the other hand, since we are talking about Chinese manga, are you familiar with Battle through the Heavens? It is a Chinese webnovel which had been adapted into different digital media contents such as anime, manga, and games. Battle through the Heavens manga adaptation is a great ride and it is one of my highly recommended Chinese manga to check out first. Meanwhile, it’s anime adaptation had been slated to release its season 3 on 2019.

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