World Trigger is back after of almost 2 Years in Indefinite Hiatus

Daisuke Ashihara's World Trigger Manga Series


Trigger on! The indefinite hiatus arc is over and it means Tamakoma-2 and the rest of the Border are back to bring about another exciting fights, cliché drama, and heavy dosage of hilarious moments.

World Trigger is a pretty popular series few years ago, it also received an anime adaptation that spanned for a total of 73 episodes divided in 2 seasons. Personally, I am one of those avid viewers of World Trigger when it first premiered in 2014, all thanks to the recommendation of a stranger.

World Trigger: Border's strongest team
World Trigger: Border’s Strongest Team – Tamakoma Branch First Squad (My personal favorite unit too)


The manga is written by Daisuke Ashihara and it went to indefinite hiatus from 2016 due to the author’s poor physical health. Now, it’s great to know that Ashihara-sensei’s well-being is good and he’s back to continue the series which many avid fans were dying to know how the story progress.
The announcement for the series’ come back were made by Shueisha confirming that World Trigger is returning to Weekly Shonen Jump starting on October 29, 2018 before moving to Shueisha’s monthly Jump Square magazine on December.


In a message to Twitter, Ashihara-sensei thanks the fans and editors of the manga for their contribution and patience. He stated “I’ve been slowly preparing for a while now, and finally I can let everyone know. Thanks to JUMP & SQ editorial departments who supported me in a lot of ways. I am constantly thinking of my readers. I’ll continue to refuel while paying attention to my body. Please take care of me.
Therefore, I couldn’t be more thankful enough that one of my personal favorite series is returning. On Facebook, I am seriously happy that the World Trigger Community Group I had joined in few years ago were lively and definitely excited to see the series’ comeback.
For people who aren’t familiar with World Trigger, I am confident to say that it is something worth checking out. The concept were pretty cliché but neatly explain with very likable characters and interesting fights.
World Trigger is back, it’s time to say Trigger on!

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