Chinese MMORPG ‘Jian Wang 3 – JX3’ to be animated in Autumn 2018

Jian Wang 3 the Animation

Jian Wang 3 also known as JX3 to be make it short is among the most popular Chinese MMORPG today and a recipient of TGA 2017 best Chinese game award, and received accolades from 2017 Jin Ling Award and 2017 CGDA. The game a is a high-end MMORPG in China with stunning graphics, and top-notch 3D game characters and scenes. It also features a gorgeous arena battles and a new defining martial arts world blend together with magnificent sword fighting and wonderful narration of Chinese history.

Jian Wang 3 Game to Anime

As one of the most famous Chinese MMORPG of 2017, there’s no doubt that an animated adaptation or donghua is on its way. Yes, the game is receiving a donghua this 2018, titled “Jian Wang 3: the Animation” or JX3: the Animation which is slated for release in Autumn this year. However, there are too few details about the anime had been revealed yet and further information about JX3 anime adaptation will be release in this blog as soon as we pick any interesting news about it.
Nonetheless, indulge yourself on watching this superb promotional video for Jian Wang 3: the animation.

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