Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World – Episode 2 Review

Kino no Tabi

Title: Colosseum
Overview: This episode brought us back to the ancient days of Roman Era or so it seem as we had seen Kino got herself entangled in a messed up gladiator fight in a certain nation ruled by a mad king. 
Characters: The usual duo of Kino and Hermes will always be present. They actually throw some pretty punch line on each other this time, though it doesn’t necessarily seem to be a punch line but a life advice. Every now and then, you should use your abilities to the fullest. If you don’t, your skills will get rusty before you know it. The character name Shizu is also pretty interesting and together with his pet dog Riku, which can talk also, both to Kino and Hermes’ surprise; it seems that they will cross path with Kino in future episodes and somehow, they’ll witness how beautiful and vast this world that Kino’s trying to explore.
Setting: A nation where Kino described to be a verdant land surrounded by greenery and bountiful forests. However, as she enter the country, she was stopped by guard and informed that she have to participate in the fight, a competition held every three months to determine who earn the glorious right of citizenship and add a brand new rule to the existing rules of that nation. A match of one-on-one elimination where anyone who dare to flee will be killed while yielding to your opponent could be an option if the latter allow it. 
Conflict: At first, Kino nonchalantly questions the guards about the nation’s policy until they told the story of a travelling couple who ended up participating in the competition by force. 
The wife yielded to the fight and spared while the husband died in the next round. This somehow make Kino angry in some ways but to the extent of keeping her cool as it happened that she previously met those travelling couples along her way and they’re also the one that recommends her to visit that nation without even knowing the new set of policy implemented by the new mad king.
Speaking of the mad king, the current regime of the nation started seven years ago when the previous king was killed by his son which is the current mad king. 
*the mad king that everybody seriously thought to be dead before the episode ends.
Climax: Kino and Hermes’ wish to have a relaxing visit in that country led them to spent their days and nights in a dark cell which Kino’s described to be a dark and cool place with right humidity which directly corresponds to Hermes’ wish for a perfect place to have a relaxing sleep prior to their arrival in the country. 
*on their way
*upon arrival
Kino battled several opponents, defeating them one-by-one and led them to yield on her favor. She managed to reached the final and fight against a sword-wielder name Shizu. They both hold their ground beautifully in their match although it seems that Shizu is having the upper hand in the earlier round of the match as he was able to dodge all the bullets that Kino had fired. Until he gets closer and eventually tried to slice Kino but our main character just won’t give up and block Shizu’s blade. Both of them show respect for each other during their match asking each other to yield in order not to kill their opponent. Just when Kino finally able to corner Shizu and latter yielded on him, the crowd goes wild and shout to kill her opponent. Now, this scenario simply shows how low does the citizen of this country stoop down, of how tainted and evil their hearts had become as they get accustomed to the mad king’s crazy game. This time, every viewers could pretty determine what would be the next action of Kino and that is to shot the guy standing behind Shizu, specifically it’s not simply behind him but when Kino fired the gun and Shizu ducks, the bullet eventually hit the one sitting on the throne. 
Bang, the king had been killed and everyone had been shocked in awe as Kino sooner announced his victory and stated that a stray bullet had killed the king, which is based on the country’s rule “no protests from the spectators are honored, even if one is killed” and such is the scenario that happened to the mad king himself. 
*“No protests,” you say
He, the mad king, seriously is the only to be blame for his own demise. Kino then proceed by punishing the wicked citizens by announcing his new policy for the country as he is victor of the competition and that is for every citizen to kill each other and the last one standing shall become the new king. 
That is quite a twisted but definitely a poetic way to punish sinners, a pretty satisfying end to an inhumane nation who value life as a form of entertainment.
Conclusion: As the episode ends, Kino leave the nation as the citizens started to kill each other (which only shows how wicked and selfish humans could be as they are willing to devour one another in order to achieve a foolish desire for power). The next scene had shown us where Kino stand beside a small lake having a sentimental conversation with Hermes regarding the couple that they previously met, the couple that get entangled in that battle in the coliseum where the husband died while the wife yielded and escaped. 
Kino no Tabi - Shizu and Riku
Shizu also appeared before Kino and revealed that he was the crown prince who joined the competition with the goal of killing the mad king, his father by himself. He is grateful to Kino for realizing his goal. There we also finally had a cute moment between Kino and Shizu’s pet dog name Kizu which annoyed Hermes up to some extent.
Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World – Episode 2
Rate: Overall, I’ll give Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World – Episode 2: Colosseum a rate of 9/10. Excellent narration as usual, relaxing and definitely stunning visuals, superb animation and interesting plot twist. Story-wise it is not quite unique however, it was well-executed and thus give a satisfying and relaxing ambiance as the episode ends.

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