These Epic Digimon Adventure Fanarts are Legendary

Digimon Adventure anime

Digital Monsters also known as Digimons are the main characters from the phenomenal 90s anime Digimon Adventure together with their human partners. The anime had been considered as one of the classic from the anime’s golden age. As a matter of fact, the anime emerged to have one of the most solid cult from 90s and its 15th anniversary special, the Digimon Adventure tri. movies were realized in 2015.

In line with this, we have here, 2 sets of epic digimon fanarts from Digimon Adventure together with their human partners. Hold your breath, this could be a nostalgic trip and imagine that the anime’s opening theme “butterfly” is actually playing while you’re scrolling.

Digimon Adventure Fanarts Set 1

Digimon Adventure Fanarts

Digimon Adventure Fanarts Set 2

Digimon Adventure Fanarts

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