Violet Evergarden 2nd Promo Video Revealed

Violet Evergarden Anime

The second promo video for the upcoming and highly anticipated anime “Violet Evergarden” from Kyoto Animation had been released on the studio’s official YouTube channel. The anime project is slated to premiere on January 2018 and is based on Kana Akatsuki’s light novel series. Its first episode had been received with praise and strong first impressions from both audiences and critics alike during the Anime Expo 2017.

Violet Evergarden Synopsis

“There was one unforgettable word Violet Evergarden heard in the battlefield. That word told her she was more valuable than anyone else. 


Created as merely a weapon, Violet Evergarden only knew to serve. Yet as society entered a new era away from war, she struggled to find her new life in a new environment. While trying to find meaning for herself, she aso tried to search the meaning of that word.”


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