「Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]」New Trailer

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Movie

The first film, titled Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower, is scheduled to premiere on October 14, 2017. As we are drawing closer to the premiere date of the highly anticipated film trilogy of Fate/stay night franchise, we had been treated with an astonishing surprise as Ufotable recently released the latest trailer for Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel].

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] 2nd Trailer

Heaven’s Feel is the third and final route of the Fate/stay night visual novel. The film will revolve around the human characters in the story instead of the legendary heroes they’d summoned. The film’s main heroine is Sakura Matou, and together with Shirou, Rin, and Illya; Heaven’s Feel film trilogy will take us on a journey showing how these characters relates to the previous Holy Grail War and unveiled the mystery behind the Grail itself.


Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] marks the first time that the Heaven’s Feel route of the visual novel had an anime adaptation, while it also became the fourth anime adaptation of any Type-Moon’s works by Ufotable.

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Synopsis

The story of the film will revolve around Sakura Matō, the younger sister by blood to Rin Tohsaka. When she was young, Sakura was sent to the Matō household as an adopted daughter and was given torturous training in order for her to become a powerful Master for the Holy Grail War. Sakura did not want to enter the Holy Grail War, but due to her getting into a romantic relationship with Shirō, the passion hidden within herself and her mental restraints go berserk. Sakura becomes a large game-changer in the Holy Grail War, and forces Shirō to walk toward a cruel fate.

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Photo Stills


If you have any comments or wanna share your thoughts about Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel “Presage Flower,” feel free to leave a message. Mark your calendar on October 14, 2017 as the first film in the trilogy hit the Japanese theaters.

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