Sakura Quest Anime Promo Previews its Main Characters

Sakura Quest Anime

The new original TV anime from P.A. Works which is Sakura Quest finally introduces its main characters in the new promotional video posted on its official website on Wednesday – March 15, 2017.

The anime project had been announced by P.A. Works last December 2016 and it is actually the third works of the studio about people and their jobs, after the Hana-Saku Iroha and Shirobako anime series that aired few years ago.

Sakura Quest Plot

The story centers on five girls who work in the tourism bureau of their small rural town. The town revives its “micro-nation” tourism program, which originated from a nationwide movement during Japan’s bubble economy period, and hires the five girls as “monarchs” (tourism ambassadors). The anime will depict one year in their jobs in the tourism industry, and show how they change and grow.

During the bubble economy in Japan, a micro-nation fad arose, where regions in Japan declared themselves “micro-nations” to revive tourism and industry in their region, starting with the “Shin Yamatai Koku” nation in 1977. The micro-nations coordinated with local governments and tourism bureaus, and some even had their own chambers of commerce. At its height, there were over 200 such micro-nations in Japan. 
Sakura Quest Anime

The anime series is directed by Soichi Masui while supervising the series scripts is Masahiro Yokotani. The character designs for the anime were provided by  BUNBUN and adapting the character designs into animation is Kanami Sekiguchi. Meanwhile, “Alexandre S. D. Celibidache” is credited for the original work.

The opening theme song for Sakura Quest titled “Morning Glory” is performed by (K)NoW_NAME, the group also produce the music for the entire anime series. 
Sakura Quest TV anime will premiere on April 5 at 12:00 a.m. on Tokyo MX and AT-X; it will also air on other channels such as ABC, BS11, and Tulip TV.

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