Kabukibu! Light Novel Series TV Anime Adaptation Teaser Video

Kabukibu! Light Novel

The teaser video for the anime adaptation of Yuuri Eda’s Kabukibu! light novel series has been revealed by Kadokawa. The video has been released by Kadokawa to commemorate the announcement of the television anime adaption.

Text: Kabukibu! television anime decided
Text: (His) dream is to perform kabuki as part of a club!? The curtain rises on a youth kabuki story!

Kabukibu! Plot:

The series revolves around Kurogo Kurusu, a high school student who loves kabuki so much that it’s annoying. Kurogo yearns to perform kabuki as part of a club at his school, but currently his school doesn’t have a kabuki club. So Kurogo sets out to create a kabuki club, and his first order of business is to gather members.
Kabukibu! light novel author Yuuri Eda previously wrote the original story for Yamimaru Enjin’s one-volume I Can’t Even Breathe Without You manga.

Image credit: Anime News Network

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