Onigiri Fantasy MMORPG Gets a TV Anime Adaptation

Onigiri TV Anime

The massively multi-player role-playing game Onigiriby Japanese game developer CyberStep receives a TV anime adaptation which is slated to premiere in April. The anime project was announced by the game developer on January 30 and it will premiere on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji channels.

CyberStep describes Onigiri story as follows:

Onigiri thrusts its players into mystical Japan, a land filled with mythical creatures of Japanese legend. Starting as a lone Oni, players fight against the malevolent influence of the Kamikui as their miasma spreads over the land. 8 NPCS, each with their own distinct personality and skills, ally themselves with the player to help build a legend, and quell the evil that has arisen. As you grow stronger together, so do the bonds binding you to each other.

The fantasy MMORPG game was launched by CyberStep on PC in December 2013 in Japan and then in July 2014 in North America. The game was then released in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.

If you’re a fan of the game, then Onigiri anime seriesis a must-watch show this coming April.

Source: Hachima Kikō

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