Bakuon!! TV Anime Main Staff Introduced in its Trailer

Bakuon!! TV Anime

The main staff for the 2016 TV anime Bakuon!! has been revealed in its new trailer which was released on Tuesday. The upcoming anime series is based on Mimana Orimoto’s Bakuon!!manga that was launched in Akita Shoten’s Young Champion Retsu magazine way back in February of 2011.

Among the staff that made up the production team for Bakuon!! TV anime series include the Junji Nishimura as the director of the show at TMS Entertainment. Joining Nishimura are Isao Sugimoto who is designing the characters, Manabu Nii who is credited for sub-character, and Kurasumi Sunayama who’s in charge of the series scripts. Furthermore, in charge of the art direction is Shunichiro Yoshihara, while credited for the design works are Yasuhiro Moriki and Yoshio Mizumura. The sound direction is handled by Takeshi Takadera, and composing the music is Ryosuke Nakanishi.

Bakuon!! Original story

The story revolves around high school girls who discover the appeal of motorcycles. Hane Sakura is a high school student who looks a little bit like an airhead. On the way to her all-female high school one day, she is worn-out climbing a hilly road with a bicycle, but she sees a girl named Onsa Amano who is riding a motorcycle. Sakura immediately becomes interested in motorcycles, and she and Onsa join the motorcycle club at the school. Then, Sakura sets out to get her license.
The anime will premiere on April of 2016 on several TV stations like Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS11, etc. The protagonist in Bakuon!! anime which is Hane Sakura will be played by Reina Ueda.

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