Which Guild will win in DivoSaga Cross-Server Guild War Session 3?

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Hey guys, I think it’s not too late yet to make a thorough analysis post about the DivoSaga cross-server guild war session 3 which began on October 24, 2015. Every players were excited and been waiting for this event for such a long period of time since the last CSG took place last March 2015. Yeah, Divosaga was left behind big time compared to Wartune and Legend Online when it comes to many stuffs and events. Sad to say, it seems that there’s no chance of having any new patches along the way for Divosaga for now. However, players shouldn’t sob themselves with boredom since CSG is back and for sure, many changes will happen especially in the results and guild standings compared to the last CSG.
The CSG session 3 started 2 weeks ago and it takes place every Saturday night at 9 PM though there are some conflicts lately since CSG preliminary round 2 took place around 8 PM last Saturday. I think that is something that MMOG should fix as soon as possible unless they want to receive tons of complaints from the players (as if they’re not getting any which is very unlikely).
Currently, we’re on the third week of CSG preliminary and the third round will takes place on Saturday – November 7, 2015. After that, one more round and preliminary will end with the guild standing will be based on their total scores and they will be divided into four groups which is Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Diamond group is composed with 8 guilds having the highest scores during the entire run of the prelims. Gold group is composed with guild with total scores ranked from 9-16, Silver with those ranked 17-24, all of the guilds outside of Top 24 will be on Bronze category.
So, now what we will discuss here is which of the top guilds is going to bring home the bacon? Well, looking at the current standing it seems that the two-time champion Outlawz_FC is still fiery and strong as it already defeated two strong guilds in the previous weeks. However, it is noteworthy that many top players of Outlawz_FC already quit. On the other hand, striving to get the victory for this season is AkuIndu guild which has so many strong players at the moment from the three-way server merged of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Another top contender to win is MynDestinythough it does not have its strong people like Angel anymore, it manages to get strong even further with the members of RockCrew guild joined them after the latter guild failed to register due to some issue with its leader who wasn’t able to log in and register (as far as I know, Sensei quits after some real life problem and forgot to transfer the guild leadership). New guilds in the top spots like Dropbears, Virtual, Hope, Unity, Empire are vying too for the victory together with other notable strong guilds like Spartans, SHIELD (which is the oldest guild in the game so far), Imperium, Warlordz, Bandit and Se7en. Unlike before, it’s quite difficult to determine the winner now because many players often change their guilds while some super strong players before already quit and left their guild with few active players.
Lets breakdown which of these guild have the strong manpower, strategy and reputation to make it on the top. Below are my personal analysis and who are the top caliber players from each guild who can make big difference in the result?
Outlawz_FC (Current guild power: 15359899)
Famous for winning to cross-server guild war and having so many top players in the game, however things may have changed now since several of its top players quit especially its guild master and tactician Ioztamazta. Good thing is that AndiWijayaa is still active together with Aries’ strongest player, Austinjet79. Other powerhouse members from Outlawz_FC are FeiK3i, Knoxville, JNK9084, winter, and MARLB0R0. As I said, many strong players of the guild quitted already but it seems that OFC still have chances for another grand slam victory since the guild FairyTail merged with them. Probably, it’s a strategy to keep the title in the Pisces-Aries server.
Below are the strongest players of Outlawz_FC

AkuIndu (Current guild power: 16115280)
The strongest guild in the game at the moment, however, I just noticed that there are only few people from it who are in the Top 100 overseas ranking.  But still they are a force to reckon with having Yokoshiro, the longest running winner of mage class war, there’s also Rains and Vick, who is the current winner of ranger class war.
Below are Aku♥Indu’s strongest members

MynDestiny (Current guild power: 14126799)
MynDestiny gotten strong this time having the members of Rockcrew added to their powerhouse. When I checked the Top 100 overseas ranking, there are so many members of this guild there. On top of them is Chiko77, who used to be the master of Rockcrew and as far as I know, also the master of the guild Virtual from another server. In addition, Angel’s character still there on top even though she already quitted long time ago, I guess someone still using her ID and it is a big boost on their guild.
Below are MynDestiny strongest members

SHIELD (Current guild power: 7956662)
The oldest guild in the game formerly known as BruteForce and PureHeart, now it is composed of members from different guilds forming the entire Aquarius server. Among its powerhouse members are Morpheus (quitted already), Raijin (now known as MrQuitted) and Demure. Other significant members includes Godo, haxis, Socrates and Felicia (MrsQuitted). SHIELD is consisting of members from two strong guilds in the server which is PureHeart and Darkness.
Below are SHIELD strongest members

Spartans (Current guild power: 8350133)
This guild is always on Top 8 during the two previous CSG, they are led by gabriel1983, XfiendX and CooL.
Spartans strongest players

DropBears (Current guild power: 10887088)
The guild that suddenly rose to the top in the past few months because of its member Aussie who is the strongest ranger in the game at the moment. DropBears is filled with many powerful players who suddenly rose to the top spot this 2015 just like Ciara and Mask. Those two players are from previously strong guilds like Specialist and GalaxyWar that merged with DropBears. Other notable member of the guild is AlfaClover who is a consistent name on the mage class wars in the past few months.
DropBears strongest players

Virtual (Current guild power: 8250130)
Another guild under the leadership of Chiko77 (not 100% sure though), and among its members is the powerful ranger HaZeL and the two characters of Chiko77 (Chiko77 the mage, and xMp5 the ranger). Currently Virtual is the guild the ended the domination of Imperium after a big time merged of their respective servers. Though, Imperium still holds a big numbers of powerful players in their league.
Virtual strongest members
Hope (Current guild power: 6971831)
Hope is the guild from server 28, well that’s a pretty young server but seriously it has the strongest player in the game so far and that is Xask (now known as MightyXask) after his big time victory on the recent Warrior class war ending Austinjet79 long winning streak.  However, based on what I had observed from the previous CSG, guilds with few super strong players but composed of average powered members are often ended up in several ranks below the champion. But who knows, Xask might be able to pull off something with the help of his guild and if they have some pretty decent strategy.
Hope strongest members

Unity (Current guild power: 6788319)
Another guild that slowly rose to the top, as far as I know, its strongest members are Twizzle, Arcadia and Batman together with some players having 200k+ power. But, when I checked the overseas ranking this morning, I saw that it still holds a high guild power but its strong members are already in different guild. I saw Batman on GroundZero, while Twizzle didn’t show up recently in the overseas ranking (probably removed her equipment); furthermore Arcadia also don’t have a guild. Probably, there’s something going on with this guild since players from their server often changed their guild even for a slight misunderstanding.
Se7en (Current guild power: 5600885)
This guild is from Aquarius server and one of the oldest guild too, and it was led by Dani (I’m not sure if this guy’s old IGN is Dementor). Se7en recently entered the top ranking spot of the guild power probably because Epic members transferred to it. I’m wondering why they didn’t merged with SHIELD and instead transfer to another guild, and I thought that members of this guild also came from several guilds like +L+O+L+, Zenith, IndoVIP, STFU and Snowdrifts.
Imperium (Current guild power: 5437210)
One of the strongest guild in Divosaga during 2014 and though their powers diminish now after Virtual usurped the position of the top guild in their server.  It still has powerful members just like Laran, Skyes and Lieven. I think Lieven together with Eugen is among the original members of Imperium that spread terror in 2014 in the battlefield.
Imperium strongest members

Well, these are the strong guilds that will surely vie for the top spot of Divosaga’s Cross-Server guild war session 3. So, which of this guild is your favorite and rooting for to win the championship? There are still four weeks left before the victor will be decided, I’ll make another post after the preliminaries and make further analysis of the guilds which will enter the Diamond group. 

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