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Laughing Under the Clouds Side Story Trilogy Project New Trailer and Release Date

Laughing under the Clouds

Laughing Under the Clouds is returning this winter to give us another exciting adventure of the Kumoh brothers and the Yamainu squad. In fact, Laughing Under the Clouds side story trilogy project revealed the cast, story and release date for first part of the film together with a new trailer that simply looks nothing but great.

The first Laughing Under the Clouds movie from the trilogy is titled Donten ni Warau: Side Story ~Ketsubetsu Yamainu no Chikai~ and it is slated to release on December 2, 2017 in Japan.

Laughing Under the Clouds Side Story Trilogy

Unknown to history, we protected the country. During that time, we had serious dreams.
It’s 11 years before the resurrection of Orochi, who gets revived once every 300 years. There were people who protected the country, unknown to history. It’s the Yamainu, who were formed just to fight the Orochi. In addition to Tenka of the Kumo family, where Taiko was the teacher, there were Tenka’s sworn friends, Abe no Sosei and Kiiko Sasaki. But because of a certain incident Tenka is leaving the Yamainu and going his own way. Because there was something he couldn’t protect, as long as he was part of the Yamainu. The year is 1879. Orochi has been defeated and under the clear sky of Shiga, the Yamainu and the Kumo brothers reveal the secret of Tenka.

Among the cast for the film includes:

Yuichi Nakamura as Tenka Kumo
Yuki Kaji as Soramaru Kumo
Tsubasa Yonaga as Chutaro Kumo
Kosuke Toriumi as Abe no Sosei
Hiroki Yasumoto as Seiichiro Takamine
Sayaka Ohara as Kiiko Sasaki
Yuki Fujiwara as Mutsuki Ashiya
Takahiro Fujiwara as Zenzo Inukai
Hiroshi Iwasaki as Chenran Shi
Hiro Shimono as Rakucho Takeda
Kenichi Suzumura as Abe no Hirari
Rina Sato as Botan
Mamiko Noto as Nishiki
Takahiro Sakurai as Shirasu Kinjo
Toru Okawa as Taiko Kumo
Fumiko Orikasa as Koyuki Kumo
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